Join the Mogoal Mentorship Academy and uncover everything you need to know about creating freedom with Rental Property Investing & buy your first or next property in 90 days or less!

This is an exclusive opportunity to work directly with me.

Yup, I'll be teaching you directly on how to reach your goals. 

After buying 215 doors... 

I've gone through it all. lol

From losing money, getting my properties wrecked, to making money without talking to a single tenant.  

I'm going to be giving you all of my experience and knowledge so you don't do what I did wrong...

So you can do what I did right... FASTER. 

Wherever you're at right now... you can excel. 

No matter your situation, everyone has the opportunity to live the way they want. 

The way you, and your family, deserves to live. 

Rental properties did it for me. 

And will do it for my family for generations to come. 

It can do it for you and your family, too. 

Take all my knowledge and be even better!  
You're going to learn EVERYTHING I know. 
And the EXACT strategies I used to buy 215 doors...

This isn't just a mentorship on buying rental properties. 

(Of course I'm going to show you that.) 

This is about building FREEDOM.

Freedom doesn't come from a few rentals. 

Freedom comes from building a REAL business. 

A business that you run...

Not one that runs you. 

Without a boss. 

Without the commute. 

And one that replaces your full time income! 

I'll teach you how to...
  • Finance the property so you put as little as you can down, while maximizing all the profits.
  • ​Create the right business plan so you can make more money and keep that money! 
  • Build an entire Real Estate team that knows the exact deals you need to succeed!
  • Pick and negotiate the right properties so you have a minimum of $10,000 in instant profit on each one! 
  • Know exactly when to walk away from the deal and spot the best ones to have instant wealth! 
  • Use the right tax advantages so you keep MORE money and avoid paying Uncle Sam! 
  • Buy your first or next property in 90 days or less.
  • ​And SO MUCH MORE! 

Bought my first home with over $20,000 in equity right when I bought it! - Chris Mitchell

My first property was worth $350,000 and we bought it for $320,000 and got an instant $30,000 in equity! - Jason St. Luce

Ed has been coaching me since my first duplex and now I own over 20 doors! - Lowell Coleman

It took about a month into coaching and I got my first deal! - Tatiana

This mentorship is not made for everyone...
  • Driven and motivated 
  • Ready to do anything it takes to change your life. 
  • Ready to make an investment in yourself. 
  • ​Have at least $8,000 in liquid funds to buy your investment. 
  • ​Coachable and willing to learn. 
  • Are not willing to work hard.  
  • Want to "get rich quick."  
  • Are not ready to invest in yourself. 
  • ​Are not comfortable spending at least $8,000 on your investment. 
  • ​Are iffy about investing in rental properties.  
If you're not ready...
That's completely ok. 

This may not be for you at the time, and I fully respect if you decide not to schedule your call with me. 

You should only move forward if you are in a comfortable and financially stable position to make the move. 

You can always follow my content, emails, and social media accounts for free information until you are ready to jump into Investing FULL TIME and get away from your 9-5. 

But if you are ready to take the first step towards a life on your own terms...
Click the green button below...

And get excited to make a decision that will change the course of your life...

And your families life...

For years, and possibly forever! 

**DISCLAIMER: Spots are limited. As you know, I alone am going to be your coach and mentor, and strive to give each and every one of my students the best service and attention to succeed. 

Therefore our spots are limited and will not be available all the time. If you see this message, you can still apply! Thank you for understanding.**
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